Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • Korey Dane

    Korey Dane View Profile

    Korey Dane is a young American singer-songwriter from Southern California. An early passion for literature and impulsive wanderlust pervades his works. In February 2011, Korey self-released his album, Loomer.  Performing only once in support of Loomer, he packed a bag and began hitchhiking east across America. While traveling, he became increasingly interested in stream of consciousness an...

  • The Danes

    The Danes View Profile

  • Ami Dang

    Ami Dang View Profile

    music from everywhere and nowhere


    CAPTAIN DANGER View Profile

    Here to save the day! Catchy, quirky pop with a funky soul - the band has developed a unique but “immediately likable” catalog of classics. Says CMJ: "[Captain Danger does] the perfect pop formula so well it doesn't feel formulaic at all." Led by songwriter/guitarist Aaron Steinberg, the 3-piece band Captain Danger features percolating bass from André Berry (Tribe ...

  • Dexter Danger

    Dexter Danger View Profile

    Established in 2000, Dexter Danger took the San Francisco Bay Area underground punk rock scene by storm with catchy, energetic songs and electric live shows. The group quickly developed a large and loyal fan base at home and across the U.S. through an unmatched D.I.Y. spirit that led them to four official releases, several national tours, including invitations to the Vans Warped Tour and regularly...

  • Stranger Danger

    Stranger Danger View Profile

  •  Danger Mouse & Jemini

    Danger Mouse & Jemini View Profile

  •  Danger Radio

    Danger Radio View Profile

    Puerto Rico native Andrew de Torres (vocals) and Finland native Nico Hartikainen (drums, programming) met in 1999 while attending middle school in Everett, Washington, a city located just north of Seattle. They played in some minor talent shows together before the duo grew into a trio after the addition of bassist Marvin Kunkle. Eventually, the guys would develop into Danger Radio. Early demos wer...

  • Rodney Dangerfield

    Rodney Dangerfield View Profile

    His success was assured when he told his very first "no respect" joke: "I get no respect. I played hide-and-seek, and they wouldn't even look for me." Dangerfield would also tell conventional jokes in his act: "I grew up in a tough neighborhood. Tough neighborhood! Teachers would get notes from parents saying, 'Please excuse Johnny for the next 5-to-10 years!'" Danger...

  • The Dangerfield

    The Dangerfield View Profile

    Corey started The Dangerfield in late 2013 and soon found a good friend and band mate in Johnny. The two started jamming and finding their sound. With Max on bass and Robby on lead guitar to round out the full sound of the band. Dangerfield is now booking and playing shows. Check us out at a venue near you.

  • Mic Dangerously

    Mic Dangerously View Profile

    Hi my name is Mickey and I'm a RockaHollic.

  • The Danglers

    The Danglers View Profile

    Self proclaimed Heavy Wooden, The Danglers consist of Jason Loveall (Electric Violin/Vocals) , David Gelting (Upright Bass/Vocals), and John Sparrow (Drums/Percussion). The trio exudes a Punk and Heavy Metal semblance, accompanied by a Classical, Avant Garde, and Jazz songwriting style often including improvisation. Individually each musician has contributed their skills for world tours and accla...

  • Silvestre Dangond

    Silvestre Dangond View Profile

  • Adam Daniel

    Adam Daniel View Profile

  • Bedingfield Daniel

    Bedingfield Daniel View Profile

    New Zealand-born Daniel Bedingfield grew up in southeast London. Mostly influenced by contemporary R&B artists, his sisters Natasha and Nicola teamed up with him to assemble their first band, called the DNA Algorhythm. Inspired by a girlfriend from Leeds, Daniel Bedingfield recorded "Gotta Get Thru This" in his bedroom with a microphone plugged to his home computer. In December 2001, just a few we...

  • Ben Daniel

    Ben Daniel View Profile

  • Frederick Daniel

    Frederick Daniel View Profile

  • King Daniel

    King Daniel View Profile

  • The Daniel Green Show

    The Daniel Green Show View Profile

    The Daniel Green Show is A Blues-rock band. Daniel Green Combining his unique voice along with his powerful fuzz guitar and creates a very special show. In almost every song you might find Hendrix influence in it . currently the band is working on new material ahead of their debut album and goes on tour this summer.

  • Kevin Daniel Miller

    Kevin Daniel Miller View Profile

    Kevin Daniel is a Brooklyn-based singer songwriter currently working on his first EP at Degraw Sound. Born and raised in the coastal plains of North Carolina, Kevin has been performing his entire life. After years of playing jazz, bluegrass, rock, and country both professionally and at university, Kevin has finally decided to master his own work and release his original music.

  • The Daniel Z Project

    The Daniel Z Project View Profile

  • Marie Danielle

    Marie Danielle View Profile

  • Chad Daniels

    Chad Daniels View Profile

    In 1974 a couple of teenagers decided to skip their post-prom party and go ‘necking’ instead. 9 ½ months later… a star was born. And in the delivery room next to the star… Chad Daniels was born. It’s always been like that. So close yet so far away. In 1998, after doing open mic at Minneapolis’ ACME Comedy Company, Chad was given the opportunity to be the House MC at the Westward Ho in Gra...

  • Clint Daniels

    Clint Daniels View Profile

    Clint Daniels was born August 24, 1974 in Panama City, Florida, but raised in the Panama City suburb of Lynn Haven Daniels first gained an interest in music as a child, singing with his sister in church. Inspired by bluegrass music, Daniels taught himself to play guitar at age twelve. After graduating high school, he moved to Nashville, TN in pursuit of a career in country musi...

  • Dana Daniels

    Dana Daniels View Profile

    Corporate Entertainer Dana Daniels brings to the stage years of performing skill encompassing magic, improvisation wrapped up with impeccable comic timing. Teamed with his Psychic Parrot Luigi, (yes, a Psychic Parrot) Dana sets out to prove his little green friend is truly clairvoyant by performing Incredible magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation. Dana has...

  • Jason Daniels

    Jason Daniels View Profile

    Guitarist/singer-songwriter Jason Daniels lives in Jackson, MS, and released his solo debut, Dashboard Views & Rearview Reflections in 2013. He picked up the guitar in second grade, wrote his first song in sixth grade, and grew up loving the blues (Albert King, Freddie King, and B.B. King), New Orleans Funk (Meters, Dr. John), and Country (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard). Da...

  • RG Daniels

    RG Daniels View Profile

  • The Ginger Daniels Band

    The Ginger Daniels Band View Profile

    Ginger has been singing since the age of 10. She performed on Broadway and in national tours, and then toured as a drummer in girl bands Nauty Pet and The Lulabelles. Mark Tremalgia and Corey Robins accompany Ginger on acoustic guitars. The band plays covers from Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone, and Lucille Bogan.

  • The Dank

    The Dank View Profile

    The Dank is a Texas-bred bass/guitar and keyboard duo comprised of David Monnich and Jimi Morales. Taking the stage as their alter egos "Cilantro" and "Reeferman," The Dank creates a 420 friendly experience which combines a variety of influences including Blues, Outlaw Country, Jazz, Norteño, Rock and Salsa. The Dank regularly features guest musicians from many genr...

  • Paul Danke

    Paul Danke View Profile

  • Mary Danna

    Mary Danna View Profile

    Mary Danna, a Minnesota native received her first BMI award in 1999 for her top 5 hit "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" recorded by Trace Adkins. She would have a Top 3 hit with her song "I Would've Loved You Anyway" recorded by Trisha Yearwood shortly after. She has also had cuts by Bonnie Tyler, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Lila McCann, SHeDaisy, Billy Gilman and many others.

  • DJ Danny Carter

    DJ Danny Carter View Profile

    Danny Carter is an LA-based A&R, Manager and Monster Products sponsored DJ,who has worked alongside Grammy-winning producers and writers in the capacity of both A&R and Manager. Former clients include Toronto-based beat wizards Boi-1da, and T-Minus known for their slew of hits on Drake, Nicki Minaj and Eminem, songwriter Ester Dean of Pitch Perfect fame, and many more. Currently he is working alon...

  • DJ Danny Stern

    DJ Danny Stern View Profile

  • Doran Danoff

    Doran Danoff View Profile

    DORAN DANOFF is an emerging indie soul & rock artist from Los Angeles, CA with a piano based sound that fuses soul, rock, jazz and folk into unique and intelligently crafted modern pop music. He has been featured nationally on radio stations including high rotation of multiple tracks on the world famous KCRW, ECLECTIC 24 ( and KCSN in Los Angeles, as well as WFUV and WNYC in New Yo...

  • Owen Danoff

    Owen Danoff View Profile

    Washington DC native Owen Danoff wrote and recorded his first song complete with drums, bass, guitar, and piano at age fifteen. Now an awardw inning songwriter with a Film Scoring degree from Berklee College of Music, Owen has emerged as a multi-talented musician and folk/rock solo artist. Accolades include the Bernard/Ebb Songwriting Awards Grand Prize, multiple Washington Area Music Awards (p...

  • Dr Dans Music Show with special guest Jerry Jemmot

    Dr Dans Music Show with special guest Jerry Jemmot View Profile

    r. Dan The real-life story. Dan grew up on a movie set At 5 years old, Dan won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Film for his role in the “Sharing” commercial for Cracker Jacks which also featured Jack Gilford. Dan continued studying acting at Oxford where he concentrated on Shakespeare and Chekov. Dan began playing music as a teenager. By the time he got to Cornell he was playing more than he...

  • Honest Dant

    Honest Dant View Profile

  •  Dante

    Dante View Profile

    Dante has 24 years in comedy (20 headlining). He is one of the top 20 comedians alive today! Selling out shows all over the world to standing ovations everywhere he performs. He was a cast member last season (season 5) on NBC's LAST COMIC STANDING (2 time winner of audience favorite Capital One award and first ever standing ovation at the Semi's for LAST COMIC STANDING) Most famous white comic o...

  • Ron Dante

    Ron Dante View Profile

    The legendary voice of The Archies, Ron Dante will be performing the legendary hit, “Sugar, Sugar”, and more favorites. “Sugar,Sugar” was a number one hit single topping the charts in 1969 selling over 10 million copies. Dante is also the voice of the pop group, The Cufflinks. The Cufflinks hit the charts in 1968, with “Tracy”. Dante is a legendary music produc...

  • Sandy Danto

    Sandy Danto View Profile

    Sandy hasn’t made a name for himself as a producer, director, writer and performer for, YET. Sandy’s writing and directing of National Lampoon’s College Network Programming hasn’t made his career skyrocket to super stardom either. Financial stability on the other hand is a different story. He's not making the big bucks, it's just a separate issue he's not willing to explicate. ...

  • Mammal Dap

    Mammal Dap View Profile

    Northampton, Massachusetts-based live electronic group MAMMAL DAP is comprised of Killian Karlsson (guitar), Zack Cross (synths), Reed Sutherland (bass, synth bass), and Colin Jalbert (drums, samples). Together they deftly weave hypnotic beats with pumping bass, lush pads and soaring hooks. Balancing a deep love of nostalgic tones with a digital-age sensibility, their sound evokes the aesthetics o...

  •  Daphne Loves Derby

    Daphne Loves Derby View Profile

    For Daphne Loves Derby, the internet isn't just a place where people have heated e-arguments and download naughty pictures, it's the place where bands are formed, fan bases are cultivated and stars are born. This young indie-rock outfit got its start in 2002 when 18-year-old bassist/vocalist Jason Call instant-messaged 20-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist Kenny Choi after seeing him perform wit...

  • Gus Dapperton

    Gus Dapperton View Profile

  • Lisa Dapprich

    Lisa Dapprich View Profile

  • Rhys Darby

    Rhys Darby View Profile

    is a stand-up comedian from New Zealand, known for his energetic physical comedy routines, telling stories accompanied with mime and sound effects[1] of things such as machinery and animals.[2] Darby was nominated for the Billy T Award in 2001 and 2002.[3] Darby is probably best known for playing the band manager of Flight of the Conchords in the BBC radio series (as Bryan Nesbitt)[4] and HBO tel...

  • The Darby Brothers

    The Darby Brothers View Profile

    One of the DC metro area's hottest band serving up your favorite epic hits of the 70's & 80's,

  • Will Darbyshire

    Will Darbyshire View Profile

  • Caroline Dare

    Caroline Dare View Profile

  • Douglas Dare

    Douglas Dare View Profile

    London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare releases debut EP Seven Hours as the newest artist on Erased Tapes. The EP was recorded in various spaces, including drummer/producer Fabian Prynn’s home-studio in South London. With the songs beginning as poems and short prose, Dare later improvises melodies and piano parts. The performances were captured using a cassette recorder, keeping recordi...

  • Roulette Dares

    Roulette Dares View Profile

    After a year long trip traveling the world, Jason Molina returned to Southern California and reconnected with former bandmate Jake Shafer. The goal, to finish what they had begun 7 years earlier while the two were studying at UCSB and playing the music they loved. Upon meeting Andrew Taylor through a mutual friend and enlisting recent LA transplant Nick Arnold to play lead guitar, a four piece had...

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