Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • Nicolas Emden

    Nicolas Emden View Profile

  • Permanent Emergency

    Permanent Emergency View Profile

  • Thee Emergency

    Thee Emergency View Profile

    Back in the early 1960's, before grunge, before Heart, before Hendrix, there was an energetic noise called the "Original Northwest Sound." Seattle music historian Peter Blecha puts the recipe this way: rocking R&B packed with big riffs, grunting saxes, electric organ and blistering guitar. The four housemates known as Thee Emergency keep the flame burning for that original wild sound. Soul drips f...

  • Annalise Emerick

    Annalise Emerick View Profile

    Annalise Emerick is a full time touring folk singer/songwriter who's first release, Starry-Eyed, reached #9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart on it's day of release in 2011. The collection prompted an outpouring of attention from the national blog scene and a spotlight on CD Baby’s Music Discovery Podcast, which assured its listeners: “Fans of Ingrid Michaelson will feel ri...

  • Scotty Emerick

    Scotty Emerick View Profile

    Scotty Emerick is as straightforward and no-nonsense as his songs. That’s a rare quality in a man with a repertoire like his, but a welcome one. With massive hits like Toby Keith’s number one “I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight,” Emerick has earned his bragging rights — he’s just choosing not to exercise them. Emerick’s songwriting beg...

  • Amanda Emerson

    Amanda Emerson View Profile

  • Hannah Emerson

    Hannah Emerson View Profile

    Hannah Emerson is an eighteen year old singer-songwriter and actor from Dallas, Texas. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She pretty much just makes everything up as she goes.

  • Lita Emerson

    Lita Emerson View Profile

    Lita Flourish was born Carlita Mercedes Penaherrera in Jersey City, New Jersey.  She grew up in a small town named Endwell/ population 10,000. The youngest of 5 and a complete surprise, Lita’s 4 siblings were much older than her so there was a bit of a generation gap. The result being Lita loved the music that came way before her time.   Lita expressed her passion for music ...

  • The Emersons

    The Emersons View Profile

  • Gareth Emery

    Gareth Emery View Profile

    (born 18 July 1980 in Southampton, England) is a trance-genre producer and DJ. In 2010 he was voted the #7 DJ in the world by the famous, DJ Mag Poll.  

  • The Emily Duff Band

    The Emily Duff Band View Profile

  •  Emily Warren & the Betters

    Emily Warren & the Betters View Profile

    Emily Warren, born and raised in New York City, first fell in love at the age of ten. Lost, confused, and completely unsure as to how she should deal with this new and wildly complex emotion, she discovered that the only way to cope was to sit down and write a song. For the next five years, Emily continued to write. By the time she entered high school she had written over twenty songs and recorded...

  • DJ Emmanuel Nado

    DJ Emmanuel Nado View Profile

    Dj Emmanuel Nado is at the forefront of promoting African music and culture in the bay area. He is from Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa, a country which for many years has been the crossroad of African popular music. As a journalist, promoter and radio producer, Nado is an active force in the African music scene in the U.S. In the early 80s his published articles on African music and the artists ...

  • Ainjel Emme

    Ainjel Emme View Profile

    Songwriter / Multi-Intstrumentalist / Studio Rat / Lefty-Who-Plays-Righty Ainjel Emme grew up on a steady diet of analog rock, late night living room jams, 4 track cassette recordings, and interstate highways. Thus far in her delicately blooming solo career, Ainjel has written and produced two independent albums (HEARTACHE IS BORING and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL).

  • Jackson Emmer

    Jackson Emmer View Profile

    Jackson Emmer is a Country and Folk artist, known mostly for his songwriting, unique vocal style, and dynamic live performances.  Emmer also plays the guitar, mandolin, and banjos. A prolific DIY artist, Emmer has self-released several records since 2007, both solo, and with old-time band The Howling Kettles. He collaborates frequently with Alison May, Sam Moss, and performs with the gro...

  • Val Emmich

    Val Emmich View Profile

    Rock singer/songwriter Val Emmich was raised in Manalapan, NJ, and took up the guitar after he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at the age of 15 and was forced to curtail his physical activities. Soon, he was writing his own songs. He attended Rutgers University, and after graduating turned to music full-time, releasing his first EP, The 15-Minute Relationship, in the summer of 2001 without the ben...

  • CJ Emmons

    CJ Emmons View Profile

    1st seen on NBC "The Singing Bee" as a principle singer for 2 seasons. Then Blazed on a European Tour as opening act for Bobby Womack. C.J. Emmons is back at Harvell's with his cool mix of R&B, Soul and Funk. His 5 1/2 octave range, bends and creates originality to classic R&B Songs, while showing his diversity with his original Tunes from His album "Whatever Happened 2 Chri...

  • The Emotron

    The Emotron View Profile

    A Southern bred solo performance art project propelled by raw/emotional energy & original synthy song composures on a vintage MIDI Sequencer.

  • Attic Empire

    Attic Empire View Profile

  • Audio Empire

    Audio Empire View Profile

    Passion and honesty can’t be denied in the music from this hard hitting rock band from Jersey called Audio Empire. This group of seasoned players formed in March of 2012 featuring Roy on bass, Chris on drums, Abe on guitar, and Dave on vocals\guitar. With catchy melodies and an energetic stage show, this Hackensack NJ based band is tearing up the New Jersey music scene. Audio Empire has succeed...

  • Cosmic Empire

    Cosmic Empire View Profile

  • Good Empire

    Good Empire View Profile

    lofi, garage, indie, emo rock out of CLT

  • Imperial Empire

    Imperial Empire View Profile

  • Little Empire

    Little Empire View Profile

  • Ocean Empire

    Ocean Empire View Profile

  • Rebel Empire

    Rebel Empire View Profile

  • TreZure Empire

    TreZure Empire View Profile

    TreZure Empire is in the early stages of a legendary career. A poignant writer, immense vocalist and adventurous linguist, she is a profound influence on black alt music. Her sound is a fusion of synth blues, ambient funk and alternative soul, lead by a folk and flamenco inspired voice. She takes powers of the past and marries them with new sounds and technology, creating an epic style of her own.

  • The Empire Assembly

    The Empire Assembly View Profile

    EMPIRE ASSEMBLY is an honest connection of language through music from a five-piece rock group based out of Southern California. The group features Jay Hansen – Vocals (New York), Bruno Justi – Guitars (Brazil), Kibrom Birhane – Keys (Ethiopia) and Diego Ruvalcaba – Drums (Mexico). Each member came to LA from different countries and joined the EMPIRE leaving be...

  •  Empire of The Sun

    Empire of The Sun View Profile

  • The Empire Strips Back

    The Empire Strips Back View Profile

  • Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate

    Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate View Profile

    Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) is a band from the tiny town of Fenton, Michigan that started in 2006. Keith plays guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, cello, etc and sings.  Cathy plays guitar.     Live, they rely on their friends to fill in the vacant positions,  so each Empire! Empire! show is unique. Usually, the band on tour with Empire! will be manning the dru...


    UNMC EMPOWER View Profile

    EMPOWER presents a groundbreaking collection of monologues aimed to expose insidious violence at all levels. Come enjoy drink specials and live entertainment among a multitude of inspiring pieces performed by UNO’s Forensics program and a local author and motivational speaker. After the program, the Slowdown will host the R&B musical stylings of B.O.L.D & Transition. &...

  • Smile Empty Soul

    Smile Empty Soul View Profile

    Smile Empty Soul was a heavy alternative trio formed while its three members were still in Santa Clarita, CA, high schools. Led by singer/guitarist Sean Danielson, the band also included drummer Derek Gledhill and bassist Ryan Martin. After honing their sound with numerous hometown gigs, Smile Empty Soul began venturing to the Sunset Strip, and eventually passed a demo to Todd Parker of the Los...

  • Smile Empty Soul

    Smile Empty Soul View Profile

    Smile Empty Soul was a heavy alternative trio formed while its three members were still in Santa Clarita, California high schools.Led by singer/guitarist Sean Danielson, the band also included drummer Derek Gledhill and bassist Ryan Martin. After honing their sound with numerous hometown gigs, Smile Empty Soul began venturing to the Sunset Strip, and eventually passed a demo to Todd Parker of the ...

  • Dir en Grey

    Dir en Grey View Profile

    Dir en Grey have become the top band of the post-visual kei era, especially for the Western audience -- in the 2000s they were arguably the most successful metal act without English lyrics since Rammstein (though they never rivaled the popularity of the Germans). The band began as a visual kei collective, too, but gradually moved to more reserved and darker attire and a separate sound that leaned ...

  •  En Vogue

    En Vogue View Profile

  • Los Encantados

    Los Encantados View Profile

  • Zebbler Encanti Experience

    Zebbler Encanti Experience View Profile

    Visual psychedelic bass experience.

  • Aaron Encinas

    Aaron Encinas View Profile

    Aaron Encinas began his singing career at the age of ten at his home church in Cutler, CA. He then moved on to competing in various talent shows in and around his town and quickly became a local favorite at festivals, fairs, and opening for touring artists. As a freshman at Dinuba High School, he starred in “The Joy of Christmas,” a holiday musical produced by the Los Angeles Dream Cen...

  • Casual Encounters -

    Casual Encounters - "LIVE BAND" KARAOKE View Profile

    CASUAL ENCOUNTERS "LIVE-BAND" KARAOKE is just like regular karaoke, but instead of singing along with a backing track you get to be the lead singer of a real live band! We feature over 200 songs from all styles and decades, and we specialize in making every singer feel like a rock star. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

  • Environmental Encroachment

    Environmental Encroachment View Profile

    Chicago-based performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses circus theatrics, live music and costumes to create unique entertainment environments, parades, processions, shows, punk artist marching band encroachments and art happenings.  EE combines a costumed marching band with multi-media stage performance antics, including dancers, hooping, juggling and skits. EE encoura...

  • THE END - HS Monthly Screening Short Film

    THE END - HS Monthly Screening Short Film View Profile

  • West End Blend

    West End Blend View Profile

    Since their conception, CT-based Funk/Soul band West End Blend has been playing their version of Funk and Soul in venues all over the Northeast. Fronted by vocalist Erica T. Bryan, the band pays homage to classic throwback sounds while adding their own distinct vibe and flair. Behind her, the Blend packs two guitars, a two-piece horn section, bass, keyboards and drums onto stages every night. F...

  • The End In Red

    The End In Red View Profile

  • Dead End Kids Club

    Dead End Kids Club View Profile

  • The End Men

    The End Men View Profile

    The End Men were created in 2010 as a three piece, losing a member in 2011 and remaining a two-piece to this day. Composed of Matthew Hendershot (guitar and vocals) and Livia Ranalli (drums, percussion and vocals), the average listener would be surprised to find that the powerful sound The End Men project is only coming from two people. With the raw, rasp-soaked vocals and the guitar-split to give...

  • The End of an Age

    The End of an Age View Profile

    The End of an Age are a four piece metal band from Los Angeles, CA. Created in September of 2013 The End of an Age look to start their career off with a great year in 2014. Demo recordings have been completed with the release of a 5 song EP set to launch in late June. See you all soon!

  • The End of Summer

    The End of Summer View Profile

    Meet THE END OF SUMMER, a rock and roll four-piece from UCLA whose blazing songs stare you straight in the face and don't look away until they come crashing to a close. Being that their driving yet ethereal sound is indebted to everyone from Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire to Tame Impala and Ty Segall, it is no surprise that the band's energetic shows deliver a unique and diverse listening exper...

  • The Endangered

    The Endangered View Profile

    The Endangered is vocalist Maiya Sykes, guitarist Nick Block, bassist Frank Abraham and drummer Gene Coye. Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, the band has recorded with Grammy-winning industry veteran, Steven Miller and performed at landmark city venues like Molly Malones. "Calling On You" is the band's debut single and The Endangered is the band's first EP.

  • Dominic Endelman

    Dominic Endelman View Profile

    Hailing originally from New York City, Joy and Excess was born to very musical parents. His father is a well known composer while his mother was an opera singer. He became very interested in music when he was five years old, by the time he was six he was being classically taught piano. He began singing when he was very young as well, though has never had a vocal lesson. He will be releasing materi...

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