Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • Enterprise Earth

    Enterprise Earth View Profile

  • Late Earth

    Late Earth View Profile

    Late Earth is an independent antifolk band from Syracuse NY. Started by Attaboy and Ruca in the summer of 2012 as an acoustic duo under the name "Never Knows Best", the band would continue to morph over the course of the year, adopting and changing members in search of their signature sound. An eclectic group when combined, they create a sound unlike that of your average garage band. The...

  • Privet EARTH

    Privet EARTH View Profile

    Imagine a love child of “Queen” and “Guns and Roses” being reborn in the fresh snow drifts of Russian winters and flown into the modern alternative land of White stripes, Foo Fighters, Awolnation and Dead Sara. Here comes the band who American music critics are already calling “a savior of rock music”. Here comes PRIVET EARTH! With a growing following on both...

  • Railroad Earth

    Railroad Earth View Profile

    Railroad Earth is one of Americaʼs greatest bands playing today, plain and simple. They sing of our nationʼs changing landscape and social ills with a commitment reminiscent of Woody Guthrie, while interpolating instrumental timbres that could have been pulled from Celtic or Cajun culture. And as anyone who has caught them live will attest, their concerts are imbued with the fire-in-the-belly p...

  • Sweet Earth

    Sweet Earth View Profile

    Sweet Earth is the most explosive and original instrumental rock band on the scene today. They’ve taken a uniquely refreshing direction amongst the flood of "Jam/Jamtronica" bands popping up in every local music scene across the country. The sound is an intricate blend of Mathematic Rock, Grooving Pocket Funk, Bumping House/Dance Beats, Atmospheric Ambiance and Soaring Melodies. No...

  •  Earth Wind And Fire

    Earth Wind And Fire View Profile

  • Rob Earth-One

    Rob Earth-One View Profile

    Hip Hop artist, born in Brooklyn, NY. Currently residing in Fayetteville/Charlotte, NC. Founding member of music collective, The Social Contract.

  • Jonee Earthquake Band

    Jonee Earthquake Band View Profile

    JONEE EARTHQUAKE BAND: BOSTON AREA PUNK ROCK PIRATES PLAYING A MIX OF SURF•ROCKABILLY•COUNTRY PUNK• GARAGE ROCK jonee earthquake - guitars, mandolin, pedal steel, vocal Jim - bass, vocals Chris Faulkner - drums, vocals

  • Stephanie Eason Band

    Stephanie Eason Band View Profile

    Energetic. Exciting. Edgy, but always Classy! Welcome to the sound and feel of the five piece contemporary country band -The Stephanie Eason Band (SEB). With a blend of new country, rock, bluegrass, and pop, SEB delivers hit songs that appeal to a broad audience while staying true to Stephanie's country roots. Stephanie's inviting performance style has an undeniable "girl next door" charm that per...

  • Anderson East

    Anderson East View Profile

    Anderson East is the humble type -- the sort of man who chalks up his success to loads of good fortune. But the singer-songwriter has earned his accolades: one of music’s most compelling young artists, East is an unflinching and inimitable talent. Best exemplified on his breakout 2015 debut album, Delilah, the Alabama-native wields an unwavering and potent, ever-husky voice. And as seen on s...

  • Dave East

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  • Jeffrey East

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  • Marlee East

    Marlee East View Profile

    “Marlee East” was born May 9, 1994 in Harbor City, California. He grew up in the city of Hawthorne, California at the young age of 8 years old Marlee realized that he had a musical talent. Marlee East has been around industry artist learning and gaining knowledge about the industry. Marlee East Then dropped another Mixtape Called “ Marlee is the reason” witch did pretty goo...

  •  East River Divide

    East River Divide View Profile

    Originally from as diverse of places as Spring, Texas and Highland Park, New Jersey, Scott Braddock and Josh Ehrlich met while singing together in a NYC barbershop men's chorus. Drawn together through their mutual passion for folk music, tight harmonies, and counterculture activities, they have now refomed themselves as Braddock & Ehrlich, a modern-age folk-rock duo, featuring piano, guitar, and d...

  • for Easter

    for Easter View Profile

  • Wyatt Easterling

    Wyatt Easterling View Profile

    Easterling's career has been full of chart-topping songs including cuts with Dierks Bentley, Joe Diffie, Billy Joe Royal, Paul Thorn, Neal McCoy, Sons of the Desert, Robbie Hecht and others but these days, Easterling is embracing the life of a troubadour, focusing his energy on bringing his music and his stories directly to his audience. His new CD, Goodbye-Hello, is rich with wisdom, acceptance ...

  • Grey Eastern

    Grey Eastern View Profile

    Provocative ambient melodies and image-driven rhythmic lyrics. Grey Eastern's single off of the new self titled EP, "Glitters Like Gold" was recently featured on SiFi's show Defiance with original tracks from the EP written/recorded by Pete Min (Debbie Harry), Eric Shermerhorn (Ziggy Stardust, Seal & Lucinda Williams) and Jess Furman (SXSW, Sundance Film Festival...

  •  Eastern Conference Champions

    Eastern Conference Champions View Profile

    ECC have a reputation at home and abroad for their tireless touring and explosive performances. ECC, made up of Joshua Ostrander, Melissa Dougherty, Greg Lyons & Phillip Munsey, reach into their vast arsenal to create a wave of sound that seems impossible for a small group to make. The Los Angeles based outfit just finished recording twelve songs live to tape in two days for their much-anticip...

  • Stewart Eastham

    Stewart Eastham View Profile

    Eastham was born and raised in the foothills of rural Northern California. (The track “Fruit Cocktail Cannery Blues” recounts a setting from Eastham’s Butte County hometown where he spent several summers working to save up for college.) He grew up on the sounds of classic and outlaw country, with a special place in his heart for California country greats Merle Haggard and Buck Ow...

  • Hours Eastly

    Hours Eastly View Profile

  • Jordan Eastman

    Jordan Eastman View Profile

    Jordan Eastman is an Indie/Folk artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who calls Nashville, TN - or wherever else he awakes that morning - home. Leaving the heart of Central Florida to live in his truck and travel the country, Jordan has spent the last several years sleeping in graveyards, playing on street corners, and sharing stages with well-known national acts, while playing 250-300 US s...

  • Tim Easton

    Tim Easton View Profile

  • Zach Easton

    Zach Easton View Profile

  •  EastonAshe

    EastonAshe View Profile

  • Tha Eastsidaz

    Tha Eastsidaz View Profile

    Protégés of Snoop Doggy Dogg, Long Beach, CA-based duo tha Eastsidaz teamed rappers Big Tray Deee and Goldie Loc, whose partnership was forged in 1999. Their debut album, Snoop Dogg Presents tha Eastsidaz, appeared early the following year on the newly formed Dogghouse label. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

  • Over Easy

    Over Easy View Profile

  • The Easy Leaves

    The Easy Leaves View Profile

  • The Easy Leaves

    The Easy Leaves View Profile

    The Easy Leaves performances span the gap between the worlds of raucous barroom revelry and Sunday morning gospel-tent revivals. Hinting that the spirit of rowdy drunken celebration and old-time revival salvation may not be as separate as some might think. Floors will shake, music will roar, and spirits will flow from open taps and stomping souls - just another night with The Easy Leaves. &...

  •  Easy Star All-Stars

    Easy Star All-Stars View Profile

    New York City's Michael G. (born Michael Goldwasser) and Ticklah (born Victor Axelrod) are the two longtime friends who form the Easy Star All-Stars. Goldwasser had been playing guitar with the R&B band Special Request, but after five active years the band broke up. Around this time, the guitarist turned his attention to reggae and formed the Easy Star All-Stars with former Special Request...

  • Jimmy Eat World

    Jimmy Eat World View Profile

  • Leaf Eater

    Leaf Eater View Profile

    John Shields (stage name Leaf Eater) is an American songwriter, producer, and performer. His music is acoustic-driven with elements of rock, soul, and hip-hop. While drawing Influences from contemporary artists such as Beck, Damon Albarn, the Flaming Lips and Citizen Cope, Leaf Eater combine melodic, acoustic songwriting and focus on vocal harmony with a groove-based, hip-hop-inspired production...

  • Useless Eaters

    Useless Eaters View Profile


  • Robot Eating Dragon

    Robot Eating Dragon View Profile

    Around the rabble they hare. Constant perimeter scans. Prisoners of mechanical habit marching throughout the defiled, hypaethral city. The sky was the unobserved failure in the steel dragoons' fortress. This evening, the light is different, something only a human would have noticed. Ocular sensors begin firing million of lines of code to a central database. Sonic resonance readers signal a rep...

  • Cindy Eaton

    Cindy Eaton View Profile

  • Inda Eaton

    Inda Eaton View Profile

    Inda Eaton is a globe-trotting singer-songwriter-performer-bandleader now based in East Hampton, NY. Her unique sound has found favor with fans of rock, country, and acoustic music all over the world since she started touring behind her first album “Thin Fine Line” in 1996. Inda lives for these authentic adventures as a working musician and she thrives on the road with local food and c...

  • Marcus Eaton

    Marcus Eaton View Profile

    Marcus Eaton’s career has been a study in dichotomy. His music is unique and original, yet wide in its appeal. His band is but a trio, but is as sonically powerful as any twice its size. His influences and famous fans include icons dating to the 1960s (such as Rock And Roll Hall of Fame member David Crosby), and those who are among today’s most acclaimed artists (such as Tim Reynold...

  • Joey Ebach

    Joey Ebach View Profile

    Joey Ebach grew up in Florida in the Tampa Bay area. In his early teens, he began teaching himself guitar and writing songs, which eventually led to forming a Christian band that had the opportunity to do a few tours nationally. He left the music industry for a while in his mid twenties to pursue ministry, then business. But music and songwriting was always Joey’s true passion. So finally he...

  • Justin Ebach

    Justin Ebach View Profile

  • Sam Ebako

    Sam Ebako View Profile

    West African born and bred, emerges singer/songwriter, “Sam-E” bringing a distinctive spice to the presently flavorful melting pot of musical talent. Unable to be caged to a specific genre, Sam-E spreads his flair across the field, fusing tastes from pop, dubstep, hip-hop, and R&B. This rarely experienced mixture, blended with a refined West African and French intonation is sure to ignite the musi...

  • Diana Ebe

    Diana Ebe View Profile

    Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Diana Ebe was introduced to music at a young age, beginning piano lessons at four and starting to sing soon after. By fourteen, Ebe had begun vocal lessons and classical training with the esteemed Swedish musical theatre performer and producer, Andreas Eldeen. Vocally, Ebe draws from her training to create soaring melodies. In 2013, Diana decided to pursue ...

  • Uncle Ebenezer

    Uncle Ebenezer View Profile

    NY/NJ/LI's premier Phish Tribute Band. Like who's in the freezer!

  • Cliff Eberhardt

    Cliff Eberhardt View Profile

  • Kiki Ebsen

    Kiki Ebsen View Profile

  • Eddy Echo

    Eddy Echo View Profile

    Eddy Echo (Also stylized Edwierd Echo) is an independent singer-songwriter and music producer based out of NYC. Eddy combines classic influences and modern production technique to create songs with concrete lyrical themes and energy. He cites and eclectic range of influences ranging from The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, to Jay-Z and Daft Punk. With the 8 second average human attention span in mind, Ed...

  • Garden Echo

    Garden Echo View Profile

  • Hello Echo

    Hello Echo View Profile

    HEllo ecHO captures the reckless spirit of bands like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the Pixies, while maintaining their own brand of melodic rock and roll. Their debut release, “Hello“, received national attention, vaulted by their 1st single Coming Days. “ [Sean] Aylward’ s fleet-fingered guitar lines drive the songs which blend alternative rock, acoustic folk a...

  • Mother Echo

    Mother Echo View Profile

    Love children of Kurt Cobain and Roger Waters. Psilocybin heavy trippin' LSD liquid sippin'. Music to be played loudly during hangovers.

  • Via Echo

    Via Echo View Profile

    Blending elements of 90's guitar rock and 80's dance jams, Padric Payton (lead vocals/guitar), Asa Anderson (guitar/vocals), Sebastien Betley (lead guitar) and newest member Gregg Cash (bass) are honing their unique brand of lush, expansive and edgy passion-pop, creating a stand alone sound and live experience known only as Via Echo.    Currently in the studio with Wil Anspach ...

  • The Echo & The Sound

    The Echo & The Sound View Profile

    The Echo and The Sound is a three piece, guitar, bass and drums rock band based in Los Angeles, Ca. Formed in late 2012; Brian Rich (guitar/vocals) Douglas Jewell (drums) and Mike McCrary (bass). Punk rock overtones, blues-folk undertones, country-esque and gothic cantina styled. Sounds like, "if Bob Dylan, Sam Shepard got into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina"

  • Elysium Echoes

    Elysium Echoes View Profile

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