Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • James Hannah

    James Hannah View Profile

  • Karine Hannah

    Karine Hannah View Profile

    Montreal-born Karine Hannah began singing at age 4. In her teens she performed in musical reviews and on local TV shows. With her powerful, passionate vocal delivery, Grammy-winning producer Jim Steinman heard a demo & called her "the best singer I have heard since Celine Dion." Apparently, the world's best-selling singer agreed. She was invited to perform at Dion's wedding celebration in December...

  • Kill Hannah

    Kill Hannah View Profile

    Kill Hannah was essentially vocalist/guitarist Mat Devine's dorm room four-track baby until a move to Chicago in 1995. After recruiting a few supporting players, Devine and Kill Hannah debuted the sound -- a glitzy mix of goth tendencies and fashionably crunchy modern rock. Steady local gigs followed, as did a series of self-released EPs and a couple of albums (1997's Here Are the Young Moderns, 1...

  • Mojo Hannah

    Mojo Hannah View Profile

  • The Hannah Anders Band

    The Hannah Anders Band View Profile

    With a foundation of musical influences including Country and Rock and the values and lessons of family, friends, and life experiences inspiring her, Hannah Anders has crafted a unique place in the music scene. "She is genuine, authentic, and brings all she has with every performance. Hannah has emerged as an explosive, high energy national act with an X factor that you can't teach or ...

  • Arlo Hannigan

    Arlo Hannigan View Profile

    Arlo Hannigan's music transcends labeling and categorization. He has traveled across the country bringing his unique blend of alt/country/folk sounds to many appreciative audiences. Hannigan's music has been well-received in Alaskan saloons, Blue Ridge Mountains honky-tonks, desert taverns, Nashville pubs, New Orleans bistros, and Rocky Mountain barrooms. Hannigan is as comfortable playing ...

  • Lisa Hannigan

    Lisa Hannigan View Profile

    Hello, I am a singer. I often hum away without realising it until I get funny looks on camden street. I'm good at roasting potatoes and sewing on buttons, but not good at voice mails and competitive sports. I get a little rush of excitement when i pass through airport security without beeping. I only recently realised that pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes and not making lopsided farm anim...

  • Courtney Hansen

    Courtney Hansen View Profile

  • Matthew Hansen

    Matthew Hansen View Profile

    you've been to the porch, where blues is sung...this is from that same porch

  • Millie Hansen

    Millie Hansen View Profile

  • Stephanie Hansen Band

    Stephanie Hansen Band View Profile

    With a big voice and barefoot style and a band with a wealth of talent. From opening for the likes of Sammy Kershaw, Lonestar, Sarah Evans and Josh Gracin to playing at the Mohegan Sun Wolfden this is a show you you won't want to miss!

  • Ryan Hansinger

    Ryan Hansinger View Profile

    Ryan is a well-rounded comedian with a background in sketch, stand up, and improv comedy. He began his comedy career as head writer for his college sketch group. Since then he’s studied with Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, written and produced numerous internet comedy shorts, and performs stand up and improv on a nightly basis. He hosts a weekly podcast, Drunk Talk, and most recent...

  • Rhonda Hansome

    Rhonda Hansome View Profile

    You may recognize Rhonda Hansome from the film “Pretty Woman” and from her television appearances on “Saturday Night Live”, “Caroline’s Comedy Hour”, “The Arsenio Hall Show”, “Showtime At The Apollo” and “The Joan Rivers Show”. Rhonda has been featured in The NYC Underground Comedy Festival and has opened for Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. She is an “Outstanding Comedian” Back...

  • Carlie Hanson

    Carlie Hanson View Profile

  • Dave Hanson

    Dave Hanson View Profile

    Dave Hanson is a Los Angeles based Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Actor. Dave has been a writer and producer for television shows such as Chelsea Lately (E!), Beer:30 (Versus), Inside Sports...News You Can Almost Trust (Versus). Dave has also made several appereances on Chelsea Lately as a panel comedian and a sketch performer playing roles like Michael Lohan, Joe Biden and High Pitch Scr...

  • Jennifer Hanson

    Jennifer Hanson View Profile

  • Kristy Hanson

    Kristy Hanson View Profile

    An LA girl by way of Ohio, Florida, and Michigan, Kristy Hanson continually wins over new fans with her commanding voice, masterful guitar skills, and distinct songwriting perspective. Her most recent album, Into the Quiet, showcases that perspective with 12 intimate and compelling tracks. The album was funded by her fans and produced with collaborators who have worked with the likes of Beck, Fion...

  • Jin Hao

    Jin Hao View Profile

    Jin Hao is well known in China as one of the founding members of China’s emerging Jazz Fusion scene.  The sound of his sax combines eastern and western music and his use of the new technologies has put him on the world stage.  He commutes between his studios in New York and Beijing.

  • Heidi Happy

    Heidi Happy View Profile

    The Swiss singer and multi instrumentalist HEIDI HAPPY started her career in 2006 with her first album "Back Together" and was immediately embraced by the crowd for her warm voice and her unique songwriting. Five years later, hundreds of shows in Switzerland and abroad, collaborations with big names like Yello or Stephan Eicher, she peaked with her most ambitious work "Hiding With The Wolves" (201...

  • The Happy Alright

    The Happy Alright View Profile

    The Happy Alright was formed in 2011. While fully enrolled in school, the band has independently recorded and released two EPs, a self-titled release and a critically acclaimed acoustic EP (Streetlights On the Worst Nights 4/5 stars on Substream Music). We have played hundreds of shows alongside some of our favorite bands in front of hundreds of people. We have just finished our proper full-band d...

  • The Happy Fits

    The Happy Fits View Profile

    The Happy Fits are Luke Davis, Ross Monteith, and Calvin Langman. They have two goals in mind: make great tunes and Spread Positive social change through the power of jiggy music. Since their inception in 2014, the Fits have used their music to raise money for numerous charities, including Safe in Hunterdon, The Family Promise of Hunterdon, The Mental Health Association of NYC, and The American Ca...

  • The Happy Haus - A Siouxsie & the Banshees Tribute

    The Happy Haus - A Siouxsie & the Banshees Tribute View Profile

    Formed in 2007 and featuring members of several L.A. goth/alternative bands, The Happy Haus proudly pay tribute to one of the most influential bands to come from the early London punk scene, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Since their debut performance in 1976 at London's 100 Club, Siouxsie and the Banshees unique sound has evolved with each line-up change, transforming them from a *"primitive...

  •  Happy Mondays

    Happy Mondays View Profile

    Along with the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays were the leaders of the late-'80s/early-'90s dance club-influenced Manchester scene, experiencing a brief moment in the spotlight before collapsing in 1992. While the Stone Roses were based in '60s pop, adding only a slight hint of dance music, Happy Mondays immersed themselves in the club and rave culture, eventually becoming the most recognizable band of...

  • The Happy Problem

    The Happy Problem View Profile

    Indiepunk band The Happy Problem was founded in LA by energetic frontwoman Sam Shaber, whom Time Out NY describes as "a happy-go-lucky Hole." As a solo performer, Shaber toured over 200,000 miles, releasing 6 albums on her own Brown Chair Records label before starting The Happy Problem in LA in 2008. They quickly landed songs in TV and film; on the CW, Cartoon Network, ABC, and a multitu...

  •  Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving View Profile

  • Hearty Har

    Hearty Har View Profile

    Hearty Har is a band based in Los Angeles California that invites the wilderness of psychedelia into their folk rock sound. For their influences, Hearty Har will draw from anything from raga to rockabilly, to mystic folk balladry. They have been performing around Los Angeles for just over a year, frequenting venues such as The Smell and Harvard & Stone. Hearty Har is Tyler Fogerty, Shane Foger...

  • Mustache Harbor

    Mustache Harbor View Profile

    Our mission, our destiny, is simple: to build a mustache army and create a Soft Rock Explosion the likes of which has not been seen since Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Ace, Kenny Loggins and The Little River Band ruled the airwaves and created AM Gold. So Join us! Party with us, live with us, work out at the dojo with us, slap on a stash and drink from our bountiful coconuts filled with smoo...

  • Snug Harbor

    Snug Harbor View Profile

    Snug Harbor is a funk-soul-fusion ensemble, tucked away in the corner of the Northwest, in the city of Bellingham, WA.  This is raw, high-energy soul music and each live show contains elements of improvisation on heavy funk grooves. After six years of recording, performing and touring this band has really hit its stride. Recently, Snug ...

  • Grit Harbour

    Grit Harbour View Profile

  • Ed Harcourt

    Ed Harcourt View Profile

    After the demise of his previous band, Snug, British songwriter Ed Harcourt launched a short-lived career as a chef while continuing to write his own songs. A fan of Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley, he quickly abandoned the kitchen in favor of a solo songwriting career, one that found him progressing from bass guitar (his chief instrument with Snug) to a number of other instruments including the piano,...

  • Jared Hard

    Jared Hard View Profile

  •  Hard Rock Sofa

    Hard Rock Sofa View Profile

  • Justen Harden

    Justen Harden View Profile

  • Gene Harding

    Gene Harding View Profile

    Gene Harding is a native New Yorker who decided to dumb-down his edgy Bronx style and move to South Florida.  And it paid off.  His uptown swag is now fused with a slow, almost retarded Florida flavor which brings a refreshing style of comedy to stages across the country. Winner of the 2010 South Beach Comedy Festival and various other local competitions, Gene charms his audie...

  • John Wesley Harding

    John Wesley Harding View Profile

    John Wesley Harding may take his name from a Bob Dylan album and be a modern-day folksinger, but with the biting, cynical observations in his songs and a sharp sense of humor combined with winning melodies, he shows that his true forefathers are Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe with a hint of Billy Bragg. Far from being a follower or strict revivalist, however, Harding draws on a wide assortment of mu...

  • JT Harding

    JT Harding View Profile

    J.T. Harding grew up in Detroit Michigan loving MTV and the radio. Following his dream to write songs, JT moved to Hollywood California and made his first demo recording with money he won on the game show VH-1 Rock N Roll Jeopardy. JT has written number one songs for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and the 4 million selling song "Smile" for Uncle Kracker.

  • Melissa Harding

    Melissa Harding View Profile

  • Alex Harding ~ Organ Nation

    Alex Harding ~ Organ Nation View Profile

    Alex Harding was born on April 5, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of six, Alex knew what he wanted to do in his lifetime: to be a musician. He started to pursue his dream. Alex started on Drums & a few years later after hearing Grover Washington Jr on the radio playing Mr. Magic Alex switched to the tenor sax. Mr. Harding took band classes in elementary, middle school & high school, entering...

  • Alex Harding~Organ Nation

    Alex Harding~Organ Nation View Profile

  • Chris Hardwick

    Chris Hardwick View Profile

    Chris Hardwick was born on the starship Enterprise and is the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a transporter lovemaking mishap. He was banished by the Federation to earth after “inappropriate conduct” on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers. Since then, Chris has become a professional stand-up comedian and a self proclaimed nerd. He hosts &ldqu...

  • Alice Hardy

    Alice Hardy View Profile

  • LA Hardy

    LA Hardy View Profile

  • Michael Hardy

    Michael Hardy View Profile

    Michael Hardy was born and raised in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He moved to Nashville in 2009 and Graduated with a commercial songwriting degree from MTSU in 2013. He signed his first publishing deal with Kobalt/Watsky Music in January of 2014. He has had multiple song placements on CMT, CBS, and A&E.

  • T. Hardy Morris

    T. Hardy Morris View Profile

    Fresh outta high school, T. Hardy Morris caught his first show at the historic Georgia Theater in Athens. Up on stage, the late Vic Chesnutt (backed by members of Widespread Panic) played a benefit concert in the memory of Lee Lawrence, a locally renowned sound engineer from Morris’s hometown who had died in a tragic tour van crash. The sonic energy and raw emotion that night solidified i...

  • T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks

    T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks View Profile

    “Love is a language with no subtitles" Like ideas, the best songs are the simple ones. And like most simple ideas, they’re usually far more complex upon further examination than they seem at first.

  • DJ Cody Hare

    DJ Cody Hare View Profile

    DJ Cody Hare aka Buckmaster

  • Bugsy Hargrove

    Bugsy Hargrove View Profile

    Playing out of a homemade Papst blue ribbon amplifier and a homemade gas gauge microphone. Bugsy has a very unique sound, mixing genres of rock country blues surf psychedelic and Punk. Bugsy makes most of his own instruments and plays in many bands loving the crowd like his own children.

  • Keith Harkin

    Keith Harkin View Profile

    Keith is an Irish singer songwriter from Derry City, Ireland now residing in Los Angeles CA. Over the last 15 years, his musical talents have brought him across the world many times over. Including shows for President Obama at The White House, Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, Secretary of State at the Pentagon, Mohamed Ali at Celebrity Fight Night and performing National Anthems at The Garden...

  • Joey Harkum

    Joey Harkum View Profile

    For his entire life Joey Harkum has been strumming a guitar and after a decade of touring as the lead singer and songwriter of Baltimore-based band Pasadena, he released his debut solo album, Love and Labor, to critical claim in 2016.  Known for his deep and poignant lyrics telling stories of joy, love, loss and sadness, Joey brings the human experience to life through his relentless tour sch...

  • Bill Harley

    Bill Harley View Profile

    ‘HIGH DIVE… and OTHER THINGS THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED’ (Round River Productions) Bill Harley has received two GRAMMY awards and seven nominations and last performed at The Mint in 2010 when he won a GRAMMY nomination for Best Candy in the Whole World. This nationally acclaimed performer-author has been honored with a Rhode Island Council for the Humanities Lifetime Achievement A...

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