Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • The Haunted

    The Haunted View Profile

    For bands that matter, the formula of their sound often rests with one or more key founding members. In the case of Sweden's internationally acclaimed band The Haunted, spawned in the mid-'90s, songwriter/guitarist Anders Björler and lyricist/vocalist Peter Dolving were seminal architects. This is further proven by the long anticipated return of Dolving to the fold on the group's latest album...

  • The Haunted Summer

    The Haunted Summer View Profile

    Haunted Summer crafts languid pop music, adorned with orchestral strings and electronic textures that recall Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips.-Candice Aman (KXSC Radio) Their brand of dream pop feels timeless, with just the right amount of youthful nostalgia to woo your ears into submission. Moody’s smooth, light as air vocals captivate like a siren of the sea, while the arrangements are lush ...

  • The Haunted Windchimes

    The Haunted Windchimes View Profile

  • Maus Haus

    Maus Haus View Profile

    There are plenty of interesting new sounds coming out of San Francisco these days, but nothing that sounds quite like Maus Haus. Carefully thought out layers of synthesizers, winds, drums, bass, and melodic group vocals comprise the music’s denseness. Upon listening it is clearly the output of a group of good friends with wildly different tastes, collecting ideas and inspiration from the last half...

  • Waffle Haus

    Waffle Haus View Profile

    Waffle Haus is a pop-funk-folkish band originally from Rockville, MD but now based mostly out of LA, where the band has gained a significant following on USC campus. The band consists primarily of guitarist Landon Gabriel and keyboardist James Gregory. The two best friends have been making music together for over 8 years, and are known for their rich vocal harmonies. While the two started out a...

  • Steve Hauschildt

    Steve Hauschildt View Profile

  • Dave Hause

    Dave Hause View Profile

    Dave Hause, who released his third solo record ‘Bury Me In Philly’ in February of 2017 (through Rise Records) is showing no signs of slowing down! Affectionately known as ‘The Songwriters’ Songwriter’ by those ‘in the know,’ Hause’s ‘Bury Me In Philly’ has already garnished over 1,000,000 cumulative plays on Spotify alone and sales of ...

  • Tim Hautekiet

    Tim Hautekiet View Profile

  • Old Havana Band

    Old Havana Band View Profile

    OLD HAVANA traces its roots to "LOS GRINGOS", a local cover band that enjoyed great success and had a large following in the Culver City/West LA area during the 70’s, performing at local parties and special events.  At the height of their popularity, band founders Juan Carlos Dominguez and Manny Rodriguez, decided to dissolve the band to pursue careers in law enforcement. &...

  • Ships Have Sailed

    Ships Have Sailed View Profile

    Ships Have Sailed, an alternative pop-rock trio hailing from Los Angeles, debuted their first EP, Someday in 2014, which gained heavy airplay on College, NPR, and commercial radio in the US and Canada. Someday garnered praise from many blogs and publications regarding its simple, yet fluid and fresh sound:   "An astonishingly complete piece of work, filled with the emotional nuances of...


    BEL HAVEN View Profile

    Cali to Maine. A collaboration of Darren Elder & Dom Liberati. New album coming soon!

  • Jeb Havens

    Jeb Havens View Profile

    Jeb Havens has been singing, playing the piano, and writing songs since the age of 10. His music is a blend of catchy pop songwriting and raw emotional therapy. After 6 years of living and performing around the Bay Area, he recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue new music opportunities. He has performed at numerous venues and events including Cafe Du Nord, Hotel Utah, SF Pride, The Kansas City...

  • Katie Haverly

    Katie Haverly View Profile

    Katie Haverly has been passionately committed to the craft of making and sharing music for over 15 years as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist. Currently she performs in a 3 piece band called Copper & Congress in Tucson Arizona. Their recent record The Leap Year, recorded at the renowned Wavelab Studios with Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case, Devotchka, Iron & Wine) was praised by loc...

  • Allan Havey

    Allan Havey View Profile

    Allan Havey started his stand-up career in New York City in 1981. Up until that time he had been part of the comedy duo TWO FOR NOTHING which he co-founded with John McFarland, a classmate at Florida State University. The two were busy actors at the School of Theatre, but the sizes of their roles gave them ample time to goof-off and discover their mutual love of getting laughs. After graduating ...

  • Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart

    Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart View Profile

    Rebecca Haviland and Chris Anderson met in 2003 after a show at The Red Lion in NYC. Both had graduated from Purchase Conservatory but had never met up until now. In need of a new bass player, Chris Anderson instantly filled the spot, creating a musical bond that would grow over the next 9 years and help to form the material for Rebecca’s 3rd studio album. Chris Anderson has been playing ba...

  • J.R. Havlan

    J.R. Havlan View Profile

    J. R. Havlan is a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. As a writer for the Daily Show, he has won six Emmy's for Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program. He was previously a stand up comic, including a stint doing crowd warm-up for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher which led to writing jokes for that shows monologue. J.R. was also a writer for the New York Times best selling book...

  • Christine Havrilla

    Christine Havrilla View Profile

    Portland based, Philadelphia native, Christine Havrilla, brings her “well-built, catchy, smart tunes” (Upstage Magazine) to audiences everywhere! Touring nationally in support of her latest compilation project, “A Collection”, Christine utilizes the soft gritty texture of her vocals to express warmth and honesty audiences quickly embrace. Named "One of the Top Ten Indie Artists" by The Advocate Ma...

  • Kimie Hawaii

    Kimie Hawaii View Profile

    Acoustic, Soul, Reggae

  • Bush Hawg

    Bush Hawg View Profile

    Bush Hawg took the old-fashioned way to gain the attention of Music Row veteran Michael Knox...hard work and dedication. Michael believed in the band from day one, however, he felt that not all the pieces of the puzzle were quite there. That all changed when Michael introduced the band to a bad-ass, swampy Southern boy from Florida named Craig Hand. From the first time he took the mic, everyone kn...

  • Evan Hawk

    Evan Hawk View Profile

    Evan Hawk a 22 year old super talented musician/singer-songwriter hailing from Southern California, has been hitting the ground running these pass few months, playing shows at some of Hollywoods top venues like The Study, State Social House and the Federal Bar to name a few, also securing a residency at Skinny's Lounge in N Hollywood. In this short period of time he has managed to gain a loyal...

  • Jason Hawk Harris

    Jason Hawk Harris View Profile

    Jason Hawk Harris experienced his musical coming of age one fateful day in middle school when a friend played him Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  Indeed, fate seems writ large in Harris’ artistic journey.  He comes from a long line of musicians; a tradition that all but guaranteed a both passionate and vexed relationship with the guitar.  Though classically tra...

  • Jason Hawk Harris

    Jason Hawk Harris View Profile

  • Aidan Hawken

    Aidan Hawken View Profile

    As the frontman for San Francisco-based rock outfit Highwater Rising, singer/songwriter Aidan Hawken found many of his band's songs appearing on various hit TV shows over the years, including The OC, Sex and the City, Boston Public, and One Tree Hill. A Bay Area native, Hawken relocated to Los Angeles in spring 2005. That same year, he issued his first solo effort, Pillows & Records, on Box 29 Rec...

  • Chesney Hawkes

    Chesney Hawkes View Profile

    Approximately 50,000 singles were released in the UK during the nineties. With five weeks at the top, the twentieth most successful release of that entire decade was ‘The One and Only’, the lead song from the soundtrack of the film “Buddy’s Song” sung by a 19 year old Chesney. The song has gone on to be the subject of numerous compilation albums, TV ads, TV theme musi...

  • Mad Hawkes

    Mad Hawkes View Profile

    A fearless warrior who soars on her own wavelength, Mad Hawkes is all hair, sweat, and beers. She powerfully meshes sophisticated songwriting with restless energy – inviting every possible listener into her realm. Discover her unapologetic story of confusion and conflict. It could solve your unsung issues.

  • Maddison Hawkes

    Maddison Hawkes View Profile

  • Calise Hawkins

    Calise Hawkins View Profile

  • Clive Hawkins

    Clive Hawkins View Profile

    Clive is the epitome of what can go wrong when East meets West. Raised in Tokyo until age 15, his first exposure to America was at the butt end of a loaded gun when he attended Military School in Massachusetts, where he first began acting. He then attended college where he did more partying than studying before moving to Los Angeles in 2000. Clive's professional training includes study at Lee Stra...

  • Kaz Hawkins

    Kaz Hawkins View Profile

  • Robert Hawkins

    Robert Hawkins View Profile

    What should someone expect from your act? I try to stay as personal as possible. Having been in this business for fifteen years now, I've noticed that material that's personal has more legs and is harder to steal than just about everything else. Instead of looking at food and saying something like, "You think cauliflower and broccoli fight?" I also comment on television, pop cultur...

  • Sasha Hawkins

    Sasha Hawkins View Profile

  • Will Hawkins

    Will Hawkins View Profile

    Hailing from the original ghost town of Sleepy Hollow, NY, critically acclaimed songwriter Will Hawkins has made a name for himself with his vivid storytelling and haunting voice. His debut release Next Stop Bedford Avenue was a favorite on BBC radio that helped define the Americana music movement in the UK in the early 2000's and spurned the radio hit Breathe with AAA radio in the US. His 2007...

  • Greg Hawks

    Greg Hawks View Profile

    Born in 1962 in Mount Airy, N.C., Hawks hails from a long line of Scots-Irish who settled the foothills of the Blue Ridge in the 1700s. “To this day, when I hear that pure mountain harmony,” Hawks says, “it cuts all the way through me. I never knew other music existed until my family moved away. I remember people outside Mount Airy laughing because I said Buck Owens was better than The Beatles.”

  • Tony Hawks

    Tony Hawks View Profile

    Comedian, actor and author, Tony’s credits include BBC 1’s If I Ruled The World and Have I Got News For You. But he has become best known for his travel books Round Ireland with a Fridge, Playing the Moldovans at Tennis and most recently One Hit Wonderland.

  • Sam Hawksley

    Sam Hawksley View Profile

    “Songs about Love & Life and stuff like that” is the 7th studio album for Australian born, Nashville based artist Sam Hawksley. When he’s not making albums for himself, you might find him producing albums for other people or you may have seen him on stage sometime in the last 5 years as a member of the Bodeans.   ...

  • Adam Hawley

    Adam Hawley View Profile

    Adam Hawley, currently a resident of Los Angeles, started his music career in the Portland Metro Area of Oregon before moving to Southern California in 2002. He has performed and/or recorded in a myriad of settings with such artists as Jennifer Lopez, The Backstreet Boys, Joss Stone, Natalie Cole, Dave Koz, Lalah Hathaway, Ruben Studdard, Sheila E, Peabo Bryson, Terry Lewis, Larry Graham, Jordin S...

  • Caleb Hawley

    Caleb Hawley View Profile

    From his ability to write intricate lyrics with cutting-edge chords to his lightening fast licks and ear for taste and style, there is absolutely nothing average about this shaggy-haired, blue-eyed, multi-faceted musician. Receiving top honors in the prestigious New York Songwriters Circle Contest (2008 and 2009), the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (2009), the Telluride Festival (2010), the Falco...

  • Zander Hawley

    Zander Hawley View Profile

  • Christopher Hawley Rollers

    Christopher Hawley Rollers View Profile

    Warming hearts in even the coldest of places, Hawley has a gift of making people feel good with his music. The Los Angeles-based artist and avid skier, surfer, and yogi has mastered this with a perfect combination of genuinely positive vibes, inspiring lyrics, transcendent guitar work, and danceable grooves within well crafted songs. Elements of Little Feat, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Duane Allman, ...

  • Mayer Hawthorne

    Mayer Hawthorne View Profile

  • The Hawthornes

    The Hawthornes View Profile

    Cementing their place in a burgeoning Charlotte music scene, The Hawthornes are a step forward to music-retro. Fusing imaginative, melodic hooks with sultry vocals, fiery guitars, and luscious grooves, The Hawthornes color the musical winds with unmistaken character. This widely-influenced group of musicians has taken time to craft an album that stretches to the edge of their varied styles, no...

  • Richie Hawtin

    Richie Hawtin View Profile

     When times are trying, people turn to superheroes for hope. Hence the reappearance of Plastikman, who returned in 2010 on a self-proclaimed mission to "bring the weirdness back to techno". "I've watched a lot of live electronic shows recently and was really uninspired," explains Richie Hawtin, the Peter Parker behind Plastikman's mysterious facade. "Like any genre, ...

  • Colin Hay

    Colin Hay View Profile

    While Colin Hay’s voice and visage are familiar to millions as front-man, songwriter, and vocalist of pop sensation Men at Work (“Down Under”, “Overkill”, “Who Can it Be Now?”), the past ten years have found him re-introducing himself to a new generation of fans. The frequent use of his music in TV and film—including hit shows such as Scrubs (on whic...

  • Nial Hay

    Nial Hay View Profile

  • Sweet Hayah

    Sweet Hayah View Profile

    HayaH is the Arabic and Hebrew word for “life", and Sweet HayaH has a lust for life that pulsates through the music they create. Sweet HayaH is a high-energy festival band, but don’t think that the sweetness makes them pure sugar. There is genuine musical complexity layered into their Rock-Soul-Funk blend, and if there was to be one band to represent the diversity of culture an...

  • Jen Hayden

    Jen Hayden View Profile

  • Lexie Hayden

    Lexie Hayden View Profile

  • Lili Haydn

    Lili Haydn View Profile

    Child prodigy classical violinist/actress turned rock violinist, singer recording artist, composer. Daughter of legendary comedienne Lotus Weinstock (the first woman to perform at the comedy store, engaged to Lenny Bruce (the last year of his life), contemporary of Robin Williams, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, and Sandra Bernhard. Haydn's debut album as a solo artist, Lili, was released in the fa...

  • Lily Haydn

    Lily Haydn View Profile

  • Elise Hayes

    Elise Hayes View Profile

    Haunting. Powerful. Uplifting. These are three words that describe Elise Hayes’ music. Combining infectious pop and r&b melodies with heartfelt and meaningful subject matter, Elise’s songs live in a unique space in the palate of today’s popular music.   No stranger to the stage, Elise Hayes has performed since the age of 12. She attended the esteemed Berklee College of...

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