Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • Marc Haize

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  • Blue Halas

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  • Erik Halbig

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  • Kenny Hale

    Kenny Hale View Profile

  • Malynda Hale

    Malynda Hale View Profile

    Award-winning singer/songwriter and actress Malynda Hale has never been afraid to bare her soul for the sake of her art.Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Malynda grew up singing gospel music in a small church and doing musical theatre in school. She was later classically trained, receiving a degree in Vocal Performance and minor in musical theatre from Azusa Pacific University. Post co...

  • Nicole Hale

    Nicole Hale View Profile

    Blues and soul songwriter from the southwest with a touch of traditional country.

  • Sam Hale

    Sam Hale View Profile

    Hale decided to go solo after his hard rock band Side8 stopped performing. Sam Hale is a soulful Persian/American singer-songwriter with a powerful folk-rock voice that is both timeless and chilling. His clear voice delivers his catchy melodies over a simple, yet thoughtful guitar undertone.  He started learning music at the ...

  • TW Hale

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  • Walt Haleigh

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  • Van Halen

    Van Halen View Profile

    With their 1978 eponymous debut, Van Halen simultaneously rewrote the rules of rock guitar and hard rock in general. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen redefined what electric guitar could do, developing a blindingly fast technique with a variety of self-taught two-handed tapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and effects that mimicked the sounds of machines and animals. It was wildly inventive and over the top, ...

  • Brian Haley

    Brian Haley View Profile

    is an American actor and stand-up comedian. His stand-up act is characterized by playing his all-American looks against manic outbursts and absurd situations. As an actor he may be best known for his roles as Veeko the incompetent kidnapper in the John Hughes film Baby's Day Out, the over the top football father Mike Hammersmith (aka Spike's dad) in Little Giants, or Clint Eastwood's son "Mit...

  • Brooklyn Haley

    Brooklyn Haley View Profile

    2012 Brooklyn won The Indie Music Channel Award for "Best Teen Song" Boomerang, this single also later came out on several episodes of 90210. Brooklyn’s EP was released in Nov 2012 along with her music video for her Hit song, "Runaway." that can be seen Nationwide in stores like Tilly's, Kohls, Sears, Macy's, Target, Hot Topic, Music choice and Disney Cruise Lines with over a Million Views on Vev...

  • Cas Haley

    Cas Haley View Profile

    Sometimes blessings come disguised as roadblocks. Such is the case of More Music, More Family, the new release from soulful singer-songwriter Cas Haley. The Texas-based artist was successfully recording, touring and building a fanbase when he was sidelined by an accident that hampered his ability to sing. The idea for More Music, More Family came about during treatment, as Haley reflected on how t...

  • Sasha Haley Stern

    Sasha Haley Stern View Profile

    Venice-native Sasha Haley Stern is like no other musician you know. Raised in an incredibly musical family, Sasha picked up various instruments and vocal styles with ease from an extremely young age. She quickly developed into a music connoisseur, having an acute understanding and appreciation for a wide array of genres. The singer/songwriter’s personal style reflects this diverse self-educati...

  • The Half Jeffersons

    The Half Jeffersons View Profile

    Richmond, VA, natives the Half Jeffersons formed in 2002 with the sole goal of writing tunes with extremely catchy punk/pop hooks. Ranging from fiery screamo rockers to gentle acoustic ditties, their songs took musical cues from John Mayer, He Is Legend, and most blatantly, Fall Out Boy. Recording only three demos in five years while playing shows consistently, the boys stayed true to their craft ...

  • Two Half Jews

    Two Half Jews View Profile

    Doug and Paul have known each other since college, when they were both studying at Berklee College of Music. It has been a while since they have taken a project seriously, and figured what better time to be serious than singing Christmas songs (while wearing kippas). They have put together a show that is sure to make your holiday season a special one. Please come out and enjoy!

  • The Half White’s

    The Half White’s View Profile

  • The Halfbreed Lovers

    The Halfbreed Lovers View Profile

    The Halfbreed Lovers are an indie rock band lead by singer / songwriter Victor Talamantes from El Paso, TX. They have played this year’s SXSW and have recently shared the stage with Givers, Hello Seahorse!, and The Royalty. In 2012, The Halfbreed Lovers released a new concept album entitled “For Some and Not Others” which "combine fast guitar with slow drum and hypnotizing f...

  • The Halfcabs

    The Halfcabs View Profile

  • Jeffrey Halford & The Healers

    Jeffrey Halford & The Healers View Profile

    Jeffrey Halford delivers a uniquely American melting pot of roots, blues, rock and kick-ass pop - take some Southern soul, add a heap of Texas storytelling, a dash of Bay Area's freewheeling liberal spirit/literary leanings/seedier side, throw in some desert sunshine and dirt, then stir together with an architect's eye for detail and durability and you've got yourself an idea why Pa...

  • Saadi Halil

    Saadi Halil View Profile

    The ability to express a lifetime of experience authentically through song is the cornerstone to Saadi Halil’s music. With a voice weathered-wise beyond his years and a repertoire consisting of blues and folk music from around the world, Saadi is a “Soul Without Borders”. Saadi grew up playing American folk and roots music and now invites his listeners to lose themselves in his s...

  • Aaron Hall

    Aaron Hall View Profile

  • Abduel Hall

    Abduel Hall View Profile

    Exposing his talent to the world at the tender age of three, Abduel entered his first talent show. This was to become the first of many, earning him widespread recognition throughout the city and various parts of the country. Thus Abduel has become one of the most talented and sought after artists in the Northwest. Unlike the current trend of R&B artists, Abduel makes key contributions to...

  • Alex Hall

    Alex Hall View Profile

    When introducing new music or a new artist, it’s human nature to compare them to an established artist who may be more familiar. “He sounds like” or “she reminds me of” are typical phrases we hear. But with Alex Hall, it’s pretty difficult to make a comparison. The Gainesville, Georgia native is a blend of such a diverse array of musical influences that he has c...

  • Anthony Hall

    Anthony Hall View Profile

    Speaking with a contemporary voice Anthony Hall personifies the artistic ideal of 'authenticity through expression'. Whether drawing an audience in with a gently beautiful love song, or infectiously funking things up and making the crowd move, Hall's naturally charismatic charm makes him an instinctively irresistible presence - a romantic; a sage; a conscience; an entertainer; a perfor...

  • Ariana Hall

    Ariana Hall View Profile

    Ariana Hall is an artist with local Los Angeles and increasing international acclaim. Recent achievements include having been discovered by Jonathan Karp, one of Hollywoods biggest Music Supervisors, to play the role of herself while performing her original music in a scene with Paul Rudd and Chris O'Dowd in Judd Apatow's next big movie, a semi-sequel to "Knocked Up". Ariana has also worked on ...

  • Barbara Hall

    Barbara Hall View Profile

    To TV audiences she may be better known as a four-time Emmy-nominated writer and producer (Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy), to avid readers she’s a novelist with 11 published works but to fans of music, Barbara Hall is a singer/songwriter and founding member of the alternative country rock band The Enablers, who is releasing Bad Man, her second album as a solo artist. Backed by a band o...

  • Claude Hall

    Claude Hall View Profile

     Claude Hall, born in Brooklyn, New York of Haitian parents, moved first to Europe before settling in Los Angeles in 2007. At home, her parents filled the airwaves with either classical or Haitian music while she preferred to immerse herself in the sounds of Ashford and Simpson, George Michael, Chaka Kahn, Sade, Rufus, and Whitney Huston, to name a few. Instinct pushed her to move to Paris an...

  • Dave Hall

    Dave Hall View Profile

  • Ellis Hall

    Ellis Hall View Profile

    ‘The Ambassador of Soul’ Ellis Hall is an accomplished and prolific performer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist blessed with a five-octave singing voice that has catapulted him to stardom and a career spanning four decades. Dubbed “The Ambassador of Soul” by renowned Maestro Jeff Tyzik, Hall is now recognized as one of the leading soul, blues, and R&B entertainers of our time. He is a master...

  • Frantz G. Hall

    Frantz G. Hall View Profile

    Frantz Hall currently leads a double life. By day he is a Vice President at a major financial institution working on diverse financial and IT based projects, and by night he is one of the co-producers of Qtalk. He spent 20 years earning a living in the arts and, due to a knee injury, spent the last 12 years paying the bills working in corporate America but his passion will always be the arts. He ...

  • Gentlemen Hall

    Gentlemen Hall View Profile

    Gentlemen Hall is six individuals with a goal to deliver pop songs wrapped in unique instrumentation.. From flutes to vintage synthesizers, they are not your typical lineup. They first crossed paths in the old new england city of Boston, becoming close friends with no initial intentions to start a group. Despite coming from completely different musical backgrounds the sextet was drawn to the the s...

  • Henry Hall

    Henry Hall View Profile

  • Jamie Hall

    Jamie Hall View Profile

    Jamie Hall is an Emmy Nominated Filmmaker, Actor, Comedian and Host of the Improvised Music and Comedy event known as BLOUZEFEST. He also likes to get BLOUZED…don’t tell his mother! Jamie has appeared in “On The Wings of Glory” for Fox Sports Net, Comedy Central’s “Chocolate News” and BET’s “Hell Date.” He and his lovable canine Pete ...

  • Janice Hall

    Janice Hall View Profile

  • Jennifer Hall

    Jennifer Hall View Profile

  • Jimmy Hall

    Jimmy Hall View Profile

  • Kristina Hall

    Kristina Hall View Profile

    Performer Kristina Hall grew up in Colorado Springs, moved away in her "stupid 20s" and moved back to be closer to her family when she unexpectedly became pregnant four years ago and chose to have her baby.

  • Mal Hall

    Mal Hall View Profile

      San Diego Comic Mal Hall has come a long way in a period of short time. With only three years of performing as a comedian, Mal has worked with headliners Dat Phan, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Ian Edwards, Bobby Lee, and Patrick DeGuire at clubs and colleges across the country.   Mal is featured as a regular in studio guest on The Mikey Morning Show (KIOZ FM Rock 105.3), and The Dave,...

  • Nate Hall

    Nate Hall View Profile

    The anit-hippie hippie- long hair guitar player on a negative trip. 

  • Shane Hall

    Shane Hall View Profile

    The sounds are a soulful accounting of love, loss, affliction, joy, rage, peace, loneliness, enlightenment, and darkness coming to life in a blues-driven Americana style. Travel, experience and growth have shaped this sound and the undeniable real feel that resonates clear and present, resonating with everyone in some way shape or form. This whole sonic experience is a product of a lifetime comm...

  • Tally Hall

    Tally Hall View Profile

    Ann Arbor, MI's Tally Hall feature vocalist/guitarist Rob Cantor (Yellow), guitarist Joe Hawley (Red), bassist Zubin Sedghi (Blue), keyboardist Andrew Horowitz (Green), and drummer Ross Federman (Silver). Most will know them by the color of their ties; however, their infectious blend of '60s pop harmonies, garage rock work ethic, playful sense of humor, and indie rock sensibilities make Tally Hall...

  • Trevor Hall

    Trevor Hall View Profile

    Trevor Hall realized at a very young age that music was more than just a passion. As an eleven year old, playing harmonica beside his father in the cradle of the weeping willows of South Carolina, music quickly became his most intimate companion, guide and creative outlet. In his elementary years, he began to write his own songs and perform them locally.  At sixteen he re...

  •  Hall & Oates

    Hall & Oates View Profile

  • Nigel Hall Band

    Nigel Hall Band View Profile

    Nigel Hall is an honest, humble guardian of soul music. When asked about himself, Nigel reflects, "I'm just someone who lives, eats, drinks music." This ethic becomes clear when Nigel takes the stage. A mainstay on the Portland, ME scene, Nigel has recently toured with the funk powerhouse Lettuce. His energetic vocals add yet another layer of sonic depth and energy to the all star cast. Nigel is a...

  • Dance Hall Pimps

    Dance Hall Pimps View Profile

    Fiercely independent, but never indie… Dance Hall Pimps is a 7-piece blues rock show band featuring horns, keyboards, powerful vocals, harp and banjo.  Created in February 2009 by Americana & Blues singer/songwriter RJ Comer and guitarist Jeff Jourard (formerly of The Motels), the Dance Hall Pimps started in the LA underground cabaret scene before “going public” in 2010...

  • Kiki Halliday

    Kiki Halliday View Profile

    Kiki Halliday is a musical artist originally from a suburb in Southern California. Although she has been singing since a young girl, Kiki really began developing her songs and sound by pairing her unique tone with music towards the latter end of her high-school years. Kiki’s songs, inspired by a range of talents including Banks, Daughter, Arctic Monkeys and Adele, are infused with a spirit o...

  • Lisa Halling

    Lisa Halling View Profile

    Lisa Halling I am a business graduate originally from Stockholm, who decided to start making music. Life felt too short to be stationed at an office desk flipping papers. In 2010, I borrowed my dad’s 1979 Ibanez and You-tubed five simple chords. And here I am. Music stole my heart. I remember my first show ever. Sweet jesus what a nerve-wracking experience. The charity organizatio...

  • Eddie Halliwell

    Eddie Halliwell View Profile

     One of the few big-room DJs to master the craft without even dipping a toe into production, Eddie Halliwell has instead spent the last year pushing the boundaries of DJing capabilities. Working with visual artists and some production gurus, he has developed the "exclusive" live DJ spectacle 'Ed-it' - a multi-faceted visual/audio stage show which he brought to the main stage at Crea...

  • Geri Halliwell

    Geri Halliwell View Profile

    The former Ginger Spice, pop singer Geri Halliwell, was born August 6, 1972 in London; a onetime topless model and Turkish game show hostess, in March of 1994 she answered an advertisement for an all-girl vocal group, and with fellow applicants Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown, and Melanie Chisholm formed the nucleus of what later (with the addition of fifth member Emma Bunton) became the Spice Girls...

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