Charley's is my kind of place - Willie Nelson


Take a step back in time and find true Aloha.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon, established in 1969, is an award-winning, Maui Landmark.

Charley’s is a reflection of the culture of Maui, the essence of its foods, and the warm spirit of entertainment and Aloha.

We welcome you to a favorite community gathering place and celebrated destination spot.

Charley’s is located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii; a former sugar-plantation town that serves as the crossroads to the North Shore of Maui.  Known for its large waves and ideal conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kite-boarding, the North Shore of Maui is a water playground. The North Shore is also known for its rainforests, waterfalls and hiking.

Paia maintains its small-town, old Hawaii charm, and is now a bustling destination with restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee and gelato.

At Charley’s you never know who might be sitting next to you. It’s long been a favorite hang-out for surfers, adventurers, writers, hippies, rock stars, artists, business leaders, celebrities, and all types, looking to get away and find the ultimate in Maui hospitality.

Willie Nelson’s Favorite Spot on Maui! See him at work at Charley’s here!


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  • The Mad Maggies

    The Mad Maggies View Profile

  • The Mad Reckless

    The Mad Reckless View Profile

    Fresh off a successful Las Vegas run of their hit production "LIMELIGHT,"Ridicula Imitatio Productions is proud to present their newest show, "The Mad Reckless."  Can you handle a night without rules? Imagine the possibilities as our ladies grind together the glamour of sexy burlesque with the high energy of modern dance. These seductively ...

  • Sir Madam

    Sir Madam View Profile

    Sir Madam's music sounds like a love affair... The illegitimate child of The Pretenders and Polly Jean Harvey meets The Misfits and early Metallica with rhythmic beats of Jane's Addiction and Beastie Boys and a little bit of California sunshine. Although this two-piece can't escape comparisons to other leading heroic duos like The White Stripes and The Black Keys... Sir Madam is qui...

  • Johnny Madcap

    Johnny Madcap View Profile

    L.A. singer, songwriter Johnny Madcap, formerly of the punk rock band Madcap, (Side one Dummy, Victory Records), has formed a new rock and roll outfit called Johnny Madcap and The Distractions. The Distractions, a group of low slung, “guitar slinger” types are the perfect compliment to Johnny’s raw pop sensablities. Together, Johnny and the band are simply obsessed with one thing...

  • Peter Madcat Ruth

    Peter Madcat Ruth View Profile

    Peter Madcat Ruth has established an international reputation through his exhilarating, riveting virtuosity on the harmonica. His expertise on this instrument has amazed audiences world-wide. He is equally at home playing blues, folk music, jazz, country, or rock and roll. Performance Magazine refers to him as "A harmonica virtuoso who is rapidly approaching legend status." Madcat's music has b...

  • Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missing Links

    Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missing Links View Profile

    Angelo Moore began his career in the early l980s as lead singer, saxophonist, and creative force behind the legendary band, Fishbone. Fishbone’s ability to blend social commentary and humor with a blazing fusion of rock, punk, funk, jazz, ska, reggae, gospel and R&B led to their recognition as one of the most notable acts in American music. A versatile artist, Angelo performs under th...

  • Custom Made

    Custom Made View Profile

    Custom Made (also known as C-Made) is an American hip-hop trio from Los Angeles, California known for their reality based mixtape series, Street Cinema. The group is made up of emcees Element, Bluff and Scavie Scoobs. Diverting from the G-funk blueprint followed by many west coast rappers, Los Angeles street-rap outfit Custom Made draw their inspiration from the cold, grimy soundscapes of east coa...

  • Victor Made a Time Machine

    Victor Made a Time Machine View Profile

    An explosive driven rock quartette hailing from the NYC area, Victor Made a Time Machine has successfully made a musical zygote from a rock n roll egg and an alternative rock sperm cell- proving that it is possible to create catchy rock abound with lyrical depth. Their edgy sound combined with their energy filled live performance is infectious and leaves the crowd wanting more. It’s a little bit o...

  • Man Made Machine

    Man Made Machine View Profile

    Justyn Sena was working at a restaurant in Phoenix, AZ when fate struck one evening during closing time. While clearing a nearby table, Sena overheard a conversation between music executive Steve Kidd (Rage Against The Machine) and his wife. The three began talking, leading to a conversation about the band in which Justyn played bass, and they exchanged contact information before parting. Soo...

  • What Made Milwaukee Famous

    What Made Milwaukee Famous View Profile

    hat Made Milwaukee Famous has been a stalwart of the Austin music scene since their inception in 2003. The three original members, Michael Kingcaid (vocals, guitar, keyboards), John Farmer (bass), and Jason Davis (guitars, vocals), each bring a diverse range of influences to the table, allowing them to seamlessly shift between genres at the drop of a hat. With the release of their first two record...

  • Self Made Monsters

    Self Made Monsters View Profile

    Self Made Monsters were hatched from Eddie's subterranean habitat in the mid 1990's. None of them had even considered playing an instrument until boredom and their disappointment with the music scene inspired their formation. Call it what you like, punk, garage, rock n roll, shit, great, noise, unbearable, but the band continues to strike a cord with audiences everywhere. The Self Made Monsters ...

  • Eyes Made Quiet

    Eyes Made Quiet View Profile

    It wasn't supposed to happen like this. After recovering from cancer and the subsequent year-long, deep-woods, LSD-fueled retreat from reality in Northeastern Vermont, John Elliot returned from the forest to discover that his childhood best friend had committed suicide. In the following months, he channeled that grief into the musical project Eyes Made Quiet.   Elliot moved in with his...

  • Bullet Made Statues

    Bullet Made Statues View Profile

    With their psychedelic blend of spacey indie, r&b grooves and punk rock energy, Bullet Made Statues makes music that is fresh, inspiring and heart-felt. While the band’s sound evokes comparisons to artists such as The Flaming Lips, Yeasayer, My Morning Jacket, and MGMT, Bullet Made Statues stands on its own. With engaging lyricism floating atop a driving fusion of lush piano textures, fu...

  • Phil Madeira

    Phil Madeira View Profile

    Phil Madeira is a Nashville-based musician, artist, songwriter and producer. Phil has been a behind-the-scenes shaker and mover as a band member (Emmylou Harris; Red Dirt Boys, Buddy Miller, The Phil Keaggy Band) and session musician/songwriter (Alison Krauss, Mat Kearney, Old Crow Medicine Show, Buddy Miller, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Keb' Mo', Amy Grant, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The C...

  • Phill Madeira

    Phill Madeira View Profile

  • Ben Mader

    Ben Mader View Profile

  • Bonfire Madigan

    Bonfire Madigan View Profile

    Starting on cello at the age of nine, Madigan Shive began her composing career at fifteen in the Pacific Northwest Riot Grrrl scene releasing music with seminal independent record labels K and Kill Rock Stars. Shive has gone on to establish herself as a singular and trailblazing performer, blending folk, art, punk, classical and avant-baroque styles. Her albums include Sew True, ...from the Burnpi...

  • Kathleen Madigan

    Kathleen Madigan View Profile

    Kathleen Madigan is one of the most popular headliners in the country. An American Comedy Award winner for Best Female Stand-Up, her accessible and unpretentious style has earned her a devoted and growing following. Count Lewis Black among them - he called her "the funniest woman in America." Unlike any other female comedian working today, Kathleen resonates with a broad base of fans from coa...

  • Natalie Madigan

    Natalie Madigan View Profile

  • Elle Madison

    Elle Madison View Profile

  • Hannah Madison Taylor

    Hannah Madison Taylor View Profile

    Accomplished vocalist, guitarist, and violinist Hannah began her songwriting career writing for commercials.  She has also composed songs for artists like Jason Derulo, Lauriana Mae & Cody Simpson.  She wrote, sang and produced the theme for Nicole Richie’s show ‘Candidly Nicole’ on VH1. As an actress she has appeared in numerous commercials and had a feat...

  • March Madness

    March Madness View Profile


    MONDAY MADNESS View Profile

  • The Madness Apparatus

    The Madness Apparatus View Profile

    Digital Monster's heavy line of synthesizers and boom-bap drums take you on progressions rarely found in hiphop. Whether it's the heavy metal sounds of Just Know That, giving you a punch-in-the-mouth blast of energy, or the aquatic atmosphere of Junky, you know when you're listening to a Digital Monster beat.   Pensive would argue that Digital Monster is the 'madnes...

  • Dean Madonia

    Dean Madonia View Profile

  • Anna Madorksy

    Anna Madorksy View Profile

  • New Madrid

    New Madrid View Profile

    From the southern wilds of Athens, GA comes young four-piece, New Madrid. Their music is a dynamic mixture of underwater-psych-rock that engages the listener in fully textured aural landscapes, both on record and live. Their acclaimed 2012 independent debut, Yardboat - engineered by David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive-By Truckers) at Chase Park Transduction- displayed the band's inherent tal...

  • Ola Madrid

    Ola Madrid View Profile

    Originally a trio comprised of Oscar, Ralph and Damian known as "Portraits"; we began in 2011. Portraits had been playing in venues in NJ for a while and discovered that they needed to make some changes; so they decided to look for another guitarist. After months of a grueling, rigorous search, "Portraits" stumbled upon a promising young guitarist, Dylan Young. Since his addition, the group change...

  • Al Madrigal

    Al Madrigal View Profile

    The New York Times has called Al’s comedy dynamic. The HBO/U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen named him Best Stand-Up Comedian. His unique, spontaneous, and fast-paced lyrical story-telling style has made him a regular on television with numerous appearances on Comedy Central including his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents Special as well as a guest spot on the short lived The Tonight Sh...

  • Kal Madsen

    Kal Madsen View Profile

    Singer songwriter from Los Angeles 

  • Kip Madsen

    Kip Madsen View Profile

    Kip Madsen is a professional comedy writer/actor/VO’er from the Seattle area. His resume includes CBS’ Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, SpikeTV’s Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC), Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, and “The MTV Movie Awards.” He most recently co-wrote and co-starred in the Streamy Award Nominated Comedy Series “Casanovas”... soon to be a feature film. You may recognize him...

  • Anna Mae

    Anna Mae View Profile

  • Audra Mae

    Audra Mae View Profile

    Her songwriting prowess has exploded recently. Not one to be tied to any specific genre, Audra works with the best in country, alternative, rock, hip-hop, traditional pop, EDM and basically every other popular musical form. In the past 12 months alone, she has written with or for such platinum artists as Avicii, Celine Dion, David Guetta, Susan Boyle and Miranda Lambert, among many others. She als...

  • Della Mae

    Della Mae View Profile

    "We were ready to try something new," Celia Woodsmith says of Della Mae's eponymous third album and second Rounder release.  "In some ways, this album's very different from what we've done previously, but it's self-titled because we feel like it sounds as much like us as anything we've ever done." Della Mae expands upon the musical achievements o...

  • Lillie Mae

    Lillie Mae View Profile

  • Violent Mae

    Violent Mae View Profile

    VIOLENT MAE (Becky Kessler & Floyd Kellogg) was never intended to be a band. Becky asked Floyd to record and produce her first solo album, and as soon as they hit the studio, chemistry and dynamics between the two sparked the evolution of an artistic partnership, VIOLENT MAE. Their self-titled, full-length debut record was released in November 2013. Becky, singer and guitar player, calls the Outer...

  • Ella Mae Bowen

    Ella Mae Bowen View Profile

    Ella Mae Bowen is a powerful new voice in the world of country music. Although just 18, Entertainment Weekly described Ella Mae’s voice as having “an urgency beyond her years.” Hailing from the small town of Walhalla, South Carolina, Ella Mae began writing and performing her own songs at aged seven before moving to Nashville. In fact, of 20,000 entries from over 120 countries, El...

  • Haley Mae Campbell

    Haley Mae Campbell View Profile

  • Lily Mae Harrington

    Lily Mae Harrington View Profile

  • Willie Mae Rock Camp

    Willie Mae Rock Camp View Profile

    Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is a non-profit music and mentoring program that empowers girls and women through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

  • The Mae Trio

    The Mae Trio View Profile

  • The Maension

    The Maension View Profile

  • Hunter Maestas

    Hunter Maestas View Profile

  • HickTown Mafia

    HickTown Mafia View Profile

    HickTown Mafia is a 5-piece, Southern Minnesota-based, country and rock party band that averages over 70 shows a year, bringing the party to bars, casinos, street dances/city celebrations, weddings, private events, and festivals. Since their interception in 2008, HickTown Mafia has been entertaining crowds throughout the state with a foot stomping, hand clapping, high energy stage show that inv...

  • Jazz Mafia

    Jazz Mafia View Profile

    San Francisco’s Jazz Mafia has been taking over the Bay Area since it’s inception 10 years ago. Bands like the Jazz Mafia Symphony, Realistic Orchestra, the Shotgun Wedding Quintet and many more have been putting San Francisco back on the map as one of the most important music scenes in the country. Based on the tried-and-true new Orleans brass ensemble, the Brass Mafia includes Tro...

  • Psychic Mafia

    Psychic Mafia View Profile

    A groovy concoction of doom, blues, prog, thrash n’ roll! Are you ready to take a ride?

  • DELI MAG- Meijin

    DELI MAG- Meijin View Profile

  • Relix Magazine presents:

    Relix Magazine presents: View Profile

  • Banda Magda

    Banda Magda View Profile

    Led by Greek-born composer, orchestrator, singer and accordionist Magda Giannikou (Kronos Quartet, Louis CK), Banda Magda moves from samba to French chanson, from Greek folk tunes to Colombian cumbia and Afro-Peruvian lando. Drawing on the band’s global background (Greece, Argentina, Japan, Colombia, USA), the group combines South American rhythms with jazz improvisation, cinematic arran...

  • Marlo Magdalene

    Marlo Magdalene View Profile

    Marlo Magdalene recently moved to Los Angeles from New York City where she was working with Grammy nominated producer, Jimmy Greco on her first EP: Reverse Heart (released Oct. 30).In New York she played at such venues as the Delancey, Path Cafe, The Bitter End, and Toshi's Living Room. In LA, she has found a great international band with members spanning the globe from Japan to Brazil. She ...

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